Phononic Flow

world fusion music

Our debut album is released on 22/10/2015

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The album includes 12 original tracks with a total duration of 55 minutes and was produced as a do-it-yourself project in 2014-2015.



Morten Bauer: music production, percussions, synths, mandolin, vocals

Daniel Tzimopoulos: tzouras, mpaglamas, guitar, flute, kalimba, vocals

Aikaterini Argyraki: melodica, keys, accordion, vocals

Jan Sedlak: bass, fretless bass

Peter Nikolaisen: electric guitar

Anders Jefsen: clarinet

Aske Møller: saxophone


Special thanks to

Veronica Tzimopoulos, Line Elkjær Frandsen and Odin Uldall for choir vocals. Benjamin Vilhelmsen for his digeridoo performance in track 7. Martin Vilhemsen for the logo art design. Rune Bagge for fotoart.


You can hear the complete album on YouTube!